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August 2, 2010

How to Plan a Cat Enclosure DIY Project

Your first step towards a great and safe outdoor cat enclosure DIY project for your cat is to plan a couple of things in advance.

When deciding on your cat enclosure catio design, try to visualize what you want to put in the outdoor cat house and the access it will require both for your cat and for you.

You will also need to decide where your cat enclosure will be. There are many possible types of outdoors cat houses. If you have a large property you may opt to build a free standing outdoor cat enclosure. You can build these cat houses in many sizes and designs according to your property terrain and requirements. This type of pet enclosure may be a bit costly due to the amount of wood or galvanized steel you will need so planning your design and adjusting your budget is important.

Another fun option for those in search of a more modest cat enclosure DIY project is a cat window cage or a window box catio. Cats love their window perch and now this can be made possible outdoors. This is great for an apartment or simply if you want a modular solution that is relatively easy to assemble and take apart if you move or if the weather turns cold.

If your property is small you may prefer to build an attached cat enclosure. The possible designs for these cat enclosure DIY projects are endless. I have seen many cool catio designs, starting from a simple cat run encompassing your house and up to a full standing enclosure that attaches to the side of the house or porch. With this type of pet containment model the designs are endless.

Additional considerations for your cat enclosure DIY project should be the materials you will need to build as well as the tools and level of skill required to get the job done.

cat enclosure DIY

outdoor cat enclosure

outdoor cat enclosure

Harry is a protector of animals and uses his extensive DIY abilities to plan and make outdoor cat enclosures, patio catios and basically any type of pet containment solution. Visit Harry’s Cat Enclosure DIY site

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